Van Buren County

Volunteer Fire Departments

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The Alread Community Fire Department filed petition with Van Buren County Circuit Court on 28 January 1983, to become a non-profit Corporation. Two additional Sub-Stations have been added since that date to better serve the community.

Founding Members: Roy J. Henderson, Ronald L. Hardin, J. E. Godfrey, Jack Kriley and James Strange


Pinnacle Mountain Sub-Station
6007 Hwy. 16 West
Clinton, AR

Crabtree Sub-Station
11634 Hwy. 16 West
Clinton, AR

Alread Main Station
21381 Hwy. 16 West
Clinton, AR

Johnson Road Sub-Station
28392 Hwy. 16 West
Jerusalem, AR


Mary Teague
4931 Highway 16W
Clinton, AR  72031